It’s only October, what’s the hurry? Christmas is two months away!

No, I am not clinically insane or obsessed with Christmas. Knowing me and my lazy ways, I’d say even two months is cutting it rather too close. I have been able to inspire people with my enthusiasm and drive but my projects will suddenly wilt if I undergo a moment’s second thought. I don’t have that many friends to complain about the EFFORT it takes to make something for each one of them. I have a torrent of ideas rushing around in my head and today I took the time to pen down these elusive ideas before I burst.

But I want to give them something nice and something special. This time I hope to go all out and GIRLY (so unlike my usual self) to embrace the Holidays and spread the spirit of good cheer. No I am not going to leap out and break into a stream of “Ho Ho Ho” but he might!!

Santa's Coming


I hope to God that this time will be different and I will be able to live up to my own grandiose plans for a Handmade Gift season this year.

Starting today- you can look forward to some new content on this blog.

The series you can expect:

  • GoodGrace is Gifting Handmade: Holiday Projects and tutorials for them or the links to original tutorials
  • The Viewfinder Project: Photo sets of projects I am working on and those I have finished.
  • Cream on the Cake Links: Links to my favorite craft sites and sweet craft blogs to give you a sugar rush!

I will keep you posted in case of more additions to the series. Till then, happy Crafting!