Here’s my first post in this series of Cream on the Cake Links!

The Cream on the Cake Links series will feature my favorite craft sites and forums. You will also find links for great craft blogs with dozens of posts and tutorials.

I started bookmarking tutorials to try out and inspiring sites for sewing. As my interest in crafts grew, the collection started sprouting up everywhere on my workstation and in my mail. I need to organize this –so here goes- off to share this delicious medley of links for the link collector in you J

Cream on the Cake links will be featured every third week, starting today. Lookout for colorful, lip-smacking cupcakes in each link-laden post- matching the season, the links or my moods!

Cream on the Cake Links

Cream on the Cake Links

Sigh, so many links-so little time!

Make A Bag at

The Make a Bag blog pledges to control the plastic bag population. Here you can find patterns for bags that can be made by knitting, crochet, sewing and macramé.

Wink Designs at

Wink Designs, the blog of Marina from Sydney, Australia is a blog with endless posts you can go through that is sure to interest you. Great posts about crafting, and cooking with clear tutorials. Do check out her Matryoshka dolls, handmade cards and paper projects.

An oldie post but a goodie!!! A neat and easy-to-follow zipper tutorial from Anna of twelve22. So how many pouches will you make?

Quilts and lots of tutorials by Amanda Jean- a quilting mommy!! You have to try out her Sewn Storage Cubes, Checkbook covers and bib tutorials- I know I will try at least one- But which one?

Handmade Homeschool at

A blog from the Canadian prairie written by a home-schooling-mum. Her Handmade Holidays post set me onto the Handmade Track and inspired me loads….Do look at the post for great Handmade gifting ideas from paper projects to polymer clay creations. Thank you Handmade Homeschool! Looking back on my suffering through school, I wish I had been home-schooled- my mum’s a far better teacher than the ones who tortured me