This probably is too early to talk about it….but a friend of mine and I have decided to work together on crafts that we like and share interests in… Yesterday we took our first step towards “The Bee” – our codeword for our “business”. We went shopping for supplies to Raja Thread Store and Pandian Thread Store in Ranganathan Street…

After all that heavy duty shopping, you would think I’d be tired- yes I was tired, but more inspired than I was the previous week…There’s some connection between having tonnes of Office work and getting the most brilliant crafty brainwaves! I have been in sensory overload for almost a week and the sensation is exhilarating.

So, this week I have revamped my blog- a bit at least… Theme changed, less widgets, new Christmassy header and I promise-More POSTS!!!

I made 5 pairs of earrings last night- AND? We sold em all 😀 That’s not bad for an hour’s work and fifteen minutes of selling 🙂

Oh our work can be found here…  Wait!Wait! Don’t click that link yet-we’re only starting out, so take a vacation and come back to Two Bee Crafty after a few weeks…we should have gotten going by then.