So, yesterday was my birthday and that’s why I’ve been missing in action from here and at my sewing machine…I haven’t sewn a thing from my big To Sew list (wonder when I’m gonna get that list done)..

So here’s my list of birthday gifts:

  • Cash for a new sewing machine + a lovely book of prayers (Oh yeah!! Thanks to my parents)
  • A chocolate fudge cake 🙂
  • Midnight wishes from my favorite people
  • Perfume and other makeup stuff
  • A HUGE bouquet of Flowers
  • A new phone

Only thing left for me to do is decide which sewing machine I am going to get and when 🙂 I need to get an automatic machine, with some basic stitches and all the presser feet possible (I want to try out zippers, buttonholes, pleats and ruffles!!) Which model shall I buy?? I need a sturdy yet functional one that’s priced in the middle range.

Please suggest a good model of sewing machine that you have and also about your experiences shopping and working with it…