I never make New Year resolutions and I never stick to them though I hope that each year is different. This year, the months went by in a blur and now we’re already looking August in the eye! My birthday is in July and it was such a great day full of gratitude on my part for my family and friends. I feel like this is a year of my life where I need to get off my behind and DO something-like serious crafting!!!

Learn to Paint? ?

So many goals, so little time!

I needed some focus in crafting and life so I started jotting down projects to do, things that would be nice if I could do them and starry twilight dreams I wish I can reach up to! The jot-downs have now become a full fledged list so I thought I’d put it up here.

This list is expected to grow and remain “slightly” unfinished- but that’s ok. Knowing me, I’ll be happy if I get half or so done by next year. Jump to the list of my goals and To-dos for July 2010 to July 2011

1. Have my OWN blog
2. Bake stuff for home once a month
3. Make a Home and Craft zine once a month or bi-monthly just for fun.
4. Take days off work and just craft.
5. Make some jam.
6. Learn to crochet properly.
7. Make a light box for taking pics of my stuff.
8. Plan and schedule blog posts in advance.
9. Design printables for download from my blog.
10.Post all my favorites from my mother”s recipe book in my blog.
11. Art journal regularly.
12. Join some blogging communities.
13. Take a sewing class.
14. Arrange my own craft space in my room.
15. Buy a new automatic sewing machine.
16. Get my old sewing machine’s serviced and set up.
17. Make a pin up inspiration board for my room.
18. Learn to paint canvas shoes.
19. Make quilt or two or three 🙂
20. Get active on Twitter, Linked In and Craftster?.
21. Make a craft apron for self.
22. Make a quilt sampler table cloth for the pink table in my bedroom.
23. Attend Craft Classes.
24. Make some fabric headbands for self.
25. Clear the clutter from my bedroom.
26. Make a coloring book for my nephew R
27. Make my own skirts and wear them.
28. Design my own fabric.
29. Make my own rubber stamps.
30. Get business cards for self.
31. Start a shop for custom orders in Chennai – craft stuff and baked goods
32. Write at least 2 tutorials on blog.
33. Print and frame motivational sayings for room.
34. Make a dry erase board from picture frame.
35. Learn how to cook basic Indian food.
36. Take a cake decorating and icing class.
37. Take a chocolate making/baking class.
38. Make a new tablecloth for home for Christmas
39. Make pillowcases/bedsheets/fabric or craft items for charity
40. Donate money to a cause
41. Grow my own vegetables and flowers -at least a few
42. Buy a sewing book or two
43. Recycle fabric at home
44. Learn to make my own paper
45. Make handmade gifts for my friend’s birthdays.
46. Get FIT 😀
47. Change something about my looks -specs frame/hairstyle-something ;P
48. Make a sewing machine cover
49. Compile a list of better craft supply shops in Chennai
50. Take a crafting-vacation with a friend