August is here and this month always makes me stop and think about my friends. Some of them don’t even know that I love crafts yet the others do anything and everything possible to get me to make stuff for them (and they trust that I won’t screw up ..ha ha). I could write a whole new post about friends who have motivated me and inspired me to follow my dreams (yeah a personal post is coming!) but for now I’ll just settle for some nostalgia about school and college days and of course-Friendship Day crafts!

Here are some of the crafts I would like to make for my friends:

Woven Friendship Bracelets:

I used to love making Friendship bracelets like these when I was a kid…They’re fun to make and a blast to wear!! I dare you to make these in as many colors as possible:

Heart Friendship Band/Bracelet

Heart Friendship Band/Bracelet by the Friendship Bracelet Maker


Or may be you can be different and make dream-catcher friendship bracelets for your friends (or your kid’s friends)…

Check out the Friendship Bracelet pool on Flickr for more ideas and join in the fun!

For lovely summery bracelets check out the detailed tutorial on Between The Lines. And another tute for a masculine Leather bracelet too….how neat is that!! I just need to buy myself some leather now…hmmmm…

Safety Pin Friendship Bracelet

Have you ever heard of a bracelet made from beads and safety pins?? Follow this awesome tutorial from Crafts by Amanda to make one (or more) of your own)!

Note: While you’re there, why don’t you look at all the tutorials she has for crafts for kids, holidays and also recycle crafts!!

Safety Pin Bracelet

Safety Pin Bracelet



Check out the Friendship Day website for a short tutorial.


Most girls like flowers so you might want to consider making fabric flowers or paper ones for your best girl friends. In college, Friendship Day was called Roses & Ribbons Day and we went about tying ribbons on our friends arms, spectacles, bags-what can I say- any available space was utilized! So I HAD to include flower crafts in this list!

Read up and try your favorite tutorial from The Domestic Diva’s roundup of flower embellishments.

Or even better still, check out Pink Paper Peppermint’s 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days -31 awesome projects anyone can do!

Origami Paper Box

Some of my friends loved the paper boxes I made. Here’s how you can make your own origami paper box.

Origami Paper Box

My Origami Paper Box

Scrapbook Layout

If you’re the scrap-booking kind- you can make a page about each of your friends! Good to bind into a scrapbook or even to frame on your wall as a constant reminder of the friends you love!

My Friend - Scrap Book Layout

My Friend - Scrap Book Layout


What are your favorite friendship day crafts?? Share links and tutorials please…