Indian Flag

Indian Flag


Jai Ho!!!

I am proud to be an Indian and so….this week, on Good Grace Crafts, I will be blogging about India and Indians….

What you can do:

Gear up for Indian Independence Day(August 15th) by blogging about India and all things Indian…nostalgia,memories of your life in India, the Indians who inspire you,  improvements for our country, emotions that run through you when you think of India- put in writing whatever India inspires in you…Let’s commit to our nation for a week…just a week…I am sure we can do that!

Yes! It’s an Indian Link Fest! Link up to other Indian bloggers in your niche (or even out of your area of interest) – it’s all about spreading the love 🙂 Tweet about your posts and also about your blog friend’s posts, update your blog roll, post links on Facebook walls- Do whatever you have to…but DO IT!

Psssst: While you’re at it, why don’t you check out the Mera Bharat Mahan contest on You stand to win t-shirts or mugs  from!