Here’s my new project šŸ™‚Ā  I am creating a crafting-mostly sewing space in my bedroom so that I can sew in peace and still have a presentable room instead of it being a mountain of fabric as it is currently.

This is my list of things I am planning/wanting to make for my studio/room:

  • Name Banner out of fabric or paper in my theme colors
  • Co-ordinating Cushion Covers for one huge chair cushion and two little cushions
  • A basic light quilt for me to start quilting and to use while surfing the net with my A.C on full blast šŸ˜‰ That’s one of my most favorite things to do
  • A Table Cloth for my worktable
  • A sewing machine cover- WIP
  • A tidy tray for my sewing machine table
  • A Sewing Apron-DONE!!
  • Dry erase Board from Paper n Stitch’s tutorial here DONE!!

Watch this space for updates about my re-decoration progress!Will I make stuff from my list or will I give up? I have no idea…Sigh-Just gotta take it one step sorry sub-project at a time!!

Do post pics of your sewing rooms- I need all the inspiration I can get šŸ™‚