I thought of this page as an answer to my friends who keep asking me-What do you want as a gift(there are some who don’t ask too!)

Here’s my craft item wishlist as of now (my crafts keep changing so I cant predict when this list will change):

  • A Bernina  sewing machine – reliable yet functional
  • Fabric-I lovvve fabric 🙂 Stripes, polka dots, madras checks and florals most welcome…
  • A domain for myself
  • Ribbons -with designs like stripes and checks and lettering
  • A Craft room and studio/shop of my own(not that you can buy me a room-perhaps something for the room,storage bins etc)
  • A tripod for zapping all those shaky handheld cam pics
  • Small table- the breakfast in bed type- to craft in my bed
  • A set of charms for use in jewelry making
  • Rubber Stamps- perhaps a personalized rubber stamp with my name on it
  • Pinking Scissors
  • A cutting mat to use with my rotary cutter
  • Bag patterns
  • Sewing classes in Chennai or online
  • An inspiration board

I know I will keep adding on to this list…You can never have too many craft supplies, can you?

Note: Friends and well wishers- If you want to encourage a mind in craft, here’s your chance to buy something from this list for me. I am more or less an easy person to shop for -since most friends and family are aware of my crafting obsession. But if you’re stumped as to what to gift to a crafty gal-here’s your list….